Peace Hill Trail & Ruins

This trail is .1 mile and provides a scenic grassy overlook with an old sugar mill tower 2.8 miles from Cruz Bay just off the Northshore Road.

The trail is a nice upward sloping, shaded trail.

Peace Hill ruins

The Night-blooming Cereus seemed to be everywhere along the path...
hanging from the trees and sprawling along the ground.

The ruins here is just the one building, or tower...

...but impressive none the less.

The statue of Christ which used to stand here was destroyed in a storm, and now only the plaque remains.

The wide view

The tower from the inside ...

...looking up

There is also a wonderful view all around you

at the top of Peace Hill.

Hawksnest beach as seen from Peace Hill

Turtle beach as seen from Peace Hill

A side trail off the main Peace Hill trail takes you to...

... a small privately owned beach - Denis Bay.

Looking towards Jumbie beach from Denis Bay